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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

French Quiz - REVENGE

1. Translate to French: "We ate oranges."
2. "She never does anything."
3. "He is tall with yellow hair, and he has a sister who is called Jane."
4. "Let's dance!"
5. Translate to English: la vache
6. la casse
7. oublier
8. connaître
9. savoir
10. "elles sont venues" (ignore if you don't know about this form of passé composé).


Jess said...

1. Nous mangons oranges.
2. Il ne faire pas anythingère.
3. Il est grand et a les cheveux jaune, et il a un soeur s'appelle Jane.
4. Nous dancons!
5. Cow.
6. Class
7. African Swallow.
8. Coconut.
9. kill??? hm???
10.They are idontknowaboutpassécomposé.

^-^ said...

1. Mangeons - a regular er verb with a minor spelling change.
2. Il ne fait jamais rien. Remember verb agreement (fait not faire). Ne... rien = nothing, ne...jamais = never. 2 can be used together.
3. Jaunes. Une soeur qui s'appelle Jane.
4. Dansons! (no nous for the imperative).
5. yay!
6. Cash register eg. at supermarket
7. to forget
8. to know (person, place)
9. to know (how to, or fact)
10. They (all girls) have come...