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Friday, 9 November 2007

Thiomagarita Namibiensis - ick.

Thiomargarita namibiensis are a coccus proteobacterium that are visible to the naked eye. Ooh, that's interesting! There's another type that are as well, but I can't remember their name. : (

You know what coccus means? You don't, eh? It's one of the many morphologies of bacteria. It's the spherical one.


That would make a good quiz question:
Are all bacteria micro-organisms?
NO! Hahahahahahaha! Completely insane! Deranged.

Electrons are submicroscopic (haha to those who believe [foolishly] that electrons can be seen through and electron microscope)! Hahahahehehehahahaha!

What's that?
Oh, it's just a thiomargarita nambiensis.


Jess said...

Alrightythen. Hehehahahoho.

Bridget said...

What does proteobacterium mean?
Ah, you know more about bacteria than I do, and we have to do a unit on microbes at school... I think they reallyjust include all bacteria though, or "conveniently avoid" the others :P
Actually I did know what that meant :P and there's also bacillus and.. er, well, other ones that I'll know once I study. One is a comma shape...
Is this for cheese making? What kind of cheese are thiomargarita namibiensis in?
Lol who is that again? Jiarni?

Jess said...

Cocci. : )
No. They live deep down in the sea...
If I found one in my cheese I would probably die of disgust. Not that it would be able to live anywhere that didn't have a very high... um... pressure....

^-^ said...

Are they not edible? How big are they?
I would die of disgust if forced to eat your cheese; not to insult, but hanky wheel cheese is very acidic and bitter, and not in a good way...

Jess said...

That's because it hasn't been in the COD (Cheese Cellar of Doom) long enough. Patience, Grasshopper.
I shouldn't think they were edible, and even if they were, I shouldn't like to eat one.
Enough to be 'easily visible to the naked eye'. Several milimetres long, I think.

^-^ said...

Dad says it tastes ok now but I'm too scared to try it again lol.
Eww... sounds squidgy *shudder* well, sluglike.