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Saturday, 26 May 2007

New Post

I feel it is high time for a new post. Yet, as I search the tenebrous, frightening depths of my mind, I cannot find a single thing to write. This frightens me somewhat.
I know that Bridget said I should write about quantum physics, and yet... the book is so far away in the library that...

little light bulb pops up above head

I need to book about quantum physics from Whitcouls with the Whitcouls voucher I won in the short story competition! Light has been thrown over the dark depths of my conscious, and I am inspired to resolve to get up of my chair! Joy!
So now that I have resolved to do this, the next step is to decide when... in 7 minutes, at 12:10. Once I get up I will ring up my friends about going on a bushwalk tomorrow, then ask mum wether she will take me to Bruce Mackenzies to buy my book (I think Whitcouls vouchers can be used there)... Oh, but what about my 'Mind' book which costs $70? I really want it! One time, I was brousing in Bruce Mackenzies and another lady picked it up and looked at it, I continued to look at the book I was reading, but I think I must have subconsciously given her a funny look or something, because she put the book down very quickly.

Only three minutes to go until the prophecy (that I will get off my chair) outrageous and far fetched as it is , will become manifest! (Is that the right use of manifest)?

How I do enjoy monologues, as one can happily debate and discuss with ones self without the hollow, inane rantings of elimbits and idiots interrupting one's chain of speech.

And alas, the clock has struck 12:10, and the prophecy shall be fulfilled.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Family Philosophy part II - I blog, therefore I am.

If a pig wants to be eaten, is it right to eat it?

Sunday, 13 May 2007


I should think of something interesting to say eh, but I can't. Please use my words as fuel for our ridiculously long burning fire if it ever needs fuel. I wish we could find out how that fire picture burns for so long.0_o Hmm... Maybe... No!!! It can't be!! I just worked out how our fire picture burns for so long!! I think it's because.. IT'S A PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures do not need fuel.

Family Philosophy

Philisophical question of the day;

Is anything so self-evident that it cannot be doubted?

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fireplace <3

A fire to make us feel warmer (?) as we sit in the freezingness of the computer room...
What are some activities my hypothetical 45 year old aunt would like to do in Palmerston North?
How far from our house are they? (If you know? Because I doubt I will.)
Also, what should I name her? (Muahaha.)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Standing on chairs.

Why is standing on chairs so fun?
Why, I ask?
Is it because you are taller than everyone else?
Blink by Malcom Gladwell may have something to say about this...

It's also fun to be able to stretch one's calf muscles.

New blog!

Does mum have a gmail account?
If I make a new "skin" for this blog, what would you guys like on it? Colours? Themes?
I'll try to get photoshop going to make it, but paint shop pro should be fine too.
Post anything interesting you find and we can discuss it on comments.
Have a go at logging in and leaving a comment on this post if you're not sure how it works...
Welcome to we stand on chairs inc., also the home of the PWMT club (People With Moronic Teachers club) :D


Hello. Please buy me gifts of Welcome bcause I am new here.