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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Anagram of Doom

The much anticipated anagram of doom:

Dark bob lethac.

Clue; it's normally found in a classroom.

I've pretty much given it away!


^-^ said...

The black board!
Muahahah! Although I wouldn't have thought of it without the hints.
now see my anagram: lero vase huet

Jess said...

Lero vase of huet...
where is it found?

save the lore, U!



Jess said...

a late foot's ice wit

It first appeared in 1859.

Jess said...

No idea?
Time for the next clue.

It is a...

kobo (another anagram)

^-^ said...

A tale of two cities :P
I forget the answer to mine. House o' travel? Lol. It has no f...