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Sunday, 9 November 2008

a sad day

'Tis a sad day for those who tend towards the left in New Zealand.

Helen Clark's resigned, and John Key is our new prime minister.
I don't care how straight his teeth are, you must admit, his inflection is shocking.


On a more positive note, Winston Peters is gone.
Gone gone gone!

If politicians were cars:

The 'John Key' – a flashy, sports model that was left over from an era of cheap oil and empty roads. Has loads of horsepower and a flashy exterior - but wears out fast if taken on longer journeys.

Aside from power, the John Key’s biggest selling point is a flashy front grill and comfortable seats for corporate passengers.

Prone to strange whining noises.

Initial reports suggest that the John Key’s steering is extremely vague and may swing to the far fight without warning. Unsuitable for beneficiaries.

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