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Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Geek Test



Just to be clear, I am NOT a "-trek", "Star Wars" or science fiction movie geek. I shower regularly. I do not know any programming languages. I've only read Lord of the Rings twice, have narrowed down the number of languages I want to learn to five and have completely given up all hope of creating my own. And I don't blog that often.


I find it a bit annoying that this is mainly a computer geek test, yet this is not specified at all in the title or description. The shame.

I am 30% "geek", according to this test. I can't imagine why.

Although, when you think about it, geek tests aren't really necessary. Any one who even considers taking a geek test is, without doubt, geeky enough for us to be satisfied.
In fact, they're rather cruel. Imagine being enough of a nerd to look for a geek test, only to find out you're not even a geek, but completely devoid of a social category of which to call yourself a part. Perhaps the most noble among us are the dedicated non-geeks, who don't even get any credit.

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Dan said...

Spooky how accurate those tests are. I would call you 29.98% geek. How come the test was only to the nearest whole number?