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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

New blog!

Does mum have a gmail account?
If I make a new "skin" for this blog, what would you guys like on it? Colours? Themes?
I'll try to get photoshop going to make it, but paint shop pro should be fine too.
Post anything interesting you find and we can discuss it on comments.
Have a go at logging in and leaving a comment on this post if you're not sure how it works...
Welcome to we stand on chairs inc., also the home of the PWMT club (People With Moronic Teachers club) :D


jelly said...

Green. Chairs.

Jelly said...

What would you like this blog to smell like? What aura do you want it to have?

I want it to smell like vanilla orchid.

Bridget said...

What does vanilla orchid smell like?
What aura do we want it to have?
A green, chair-obsessed aura, yeah?

Jelly said...

It smells like the soap we have in the bathroom at the moment... it smells like those curly things they always have on adds for romantic movies.

Bridget said...

Yes, Jesska.